NancyArtist's Statement

My inspiration comes from old quilts, colors, modern art, ancient art, nature, the seasons, events, people, new techniques to be tried, celebrations --- and always, the fabrics. I generally do very little actual drawing or coloring of any specific quilt plan. Rather, a quilt will "cook" on the back burner of my brain for some time until the ideas come together and the quilt demands to be created.

By the time I start actual construction, I have a nearly-complete mental scheme for the design. Then, working with color and pattern in an intuitive manner, the design develops as I work (not necessarily according to plan!). Fabric choices are usually made from my studio stock. Of course I am generous with my frequent and random fabric purchasing. I seldom make the same quilt design more than once except for the occasional series where design and color are developed and pushed.

Fabric selection and problem solving during the quilt top construction process are my favorite parts of the quilting process. Quilting its layers together and finishing the quilt is often a necessary evil I must perform in order to reward myself with the next quilt project. I continue to search for a definitive personal style.

Nancy Elliott MacDonald
Citrus Heights, California

"I continue to explore many
techniques: QUICK, made
being my favorites.