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Book: Winding Ways Quilts

BookWelcome to the "curvy" world of Nancy Elliott MacDonald!  You'll love this simple technique for putting together traditional Winding Ways blocks and her fun, down-to-earth attitude about quiltmaking. Soon you'll be whipping through those curved seams like a pro!

Winding Ways Quilts is a practically pinless approach to making winding ways quilts.  Winding Ways, also known as Wheel of Mystery, is a pattern of gently-curved seams which forms overlapping circles when the blocks are joined. In this book you will find:

  • 6 Winding Ways quilt projects, ranging in difficulty from "very easy" "easy with a twist"
  • Step-by-step instructions for Nancy's own practically pinless curved-seam piecing technique - no hand piecing, no need to clip curves!
  • Tips on fabric choices, preparation, and staying stress-free
  • Use the patterns included, or order ready-made acrylic templates directly from Nancy.
  • Template patterns are provided in 5 different sizes.

Winding Ways Quilts book
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QuiltTemplates: Winding Ways QuiltsWinding Ways

Winding Ways is a traditional design of overlapping circles that dates to the 1920’s.
Selection of fabrics and placement of values permits an endless variety of designs.
3-inch, 6-inch, 8 ½ inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch block sizes are available. (3 templates in the set.)

A Guide To Winding Ways Templates
To Use For Welcome To The Projects Listed In Winding Ways Quilts



Block Size

Flowers and Dots


9 Inch Block

Graphic Medallion


9 Inch Block

Colorwheel Medallion


6 Inch Block

Amish Stars


6 Inch Block



8½ Inch Block

Medallion of Four


3, 6, 9, and
12 Inch Blocks


Templates for  3 inch block.
Order set:  WW3 ($9)

Templates for  6 inch block. 
Order set:  WW6 ($10) 

Templates for 8 ½ inch block.
Order set: WW8½ ($12)

Templates for  9  inch block.
Order set: WW9 ($12) 

Templates for 12 inch block.
Order set: WW12 ($14)


QuiltTemplates: Quilter's Fan

Winding WaysQuilter’s Fan is a tessellated design that dates to the 1940’s.
It can be cut one-way or as mirror images to create a variety of
designs from pinwheels to apple cores to clamshells. There is
one template and four pieces make up the block. 4-inch, 6-inch,
and 8-inch block sizes are available.

Template for 4 inch block.
Order set:  QF4 ($7)

Template for 6 inch block.
Order set: QF6 ($8)

Template for 8 inch block.
Order set: QF8($10)


Templates: Rounds

Guide To What Is Included In Each Set of Rounds Templates
(Included Templates Are Shown In Color)
Click to go to shopping area for Rounds©

  Rounds© Set ( 2 acrylic pieces) Item R Price: $11.00   

Acrylic A-6

Acrylic B-6
  Rounds© Plus Set (4 acrylic pieces) 
Item RP Price $13.00
Acrylic A-3

Acrylic B-3

Acrylic A/S-6

Acrylic B/S-6
Rounds© And Then Some Set 
Item RTS (4 acrylic pieces plus 2 paper patterns) Price $14.00

Acrylic C-6

Acrylic D-6

Acrylic E-6

Acrylic F-6

Paper A-3

Paper B-6

Rounds© is the basic set. It includes 2 pieces. A pie-shaped piece and a corner piece form a simple quarter-circle BASIC block. 

The Rounds© series of templates was developed gradually. This one is probably the easiest of the patterns to piece. The templates were designed to be used together, to mix and match for exciting design opportunities. 
All result in 6-inch finished blocks. It includes 3 sets: available.

1. Rounds©
2. Rounds Plus© and 
3. Rounds and Then Some©


RoundsTemplates for BASIC 6-inch block

A-6: Pie-shaped  (6-inch)(convex curve)
B-6:  Corner (6-inch) (concave curve)

  Templates for BASIC 6-inch block 
Order set:  R ($11)

Rounds Plus© is the next set. It includes 4 pieces. The larger pieces “split” the two Rounds pieces in half to add variety and more fabrics to the design. The two small pieces make a 3-inch basic block. Four of these equal a 6-inch block and they may be arranged in many different ways. These blocks add variety as well. They may also be used on their own.

Templates for SPLIT 6-inch block
A/S-6: Split Pie-Shaped (6-inch) (convex curve)
B/s-6:  Split Corner (6-inch) (concave curve)

Templates for BASIC 3-inch block
A-3: Pie-shaped  (3-inch)(convex curve)
B-3: Corner (3-inch) (concave curve)

  Templates for SPLIT 6-inch block  and
Templates for BASIC 3-inch block
Order set:  RP ($13)

Rounds and Then Some© is the final set. It includes 4 pieces. There are two narrow bands, a wide band and a pie-shaped piece that is smaller than the one in Rounds© and larger than the one in Rounds Plus©. To complete these blocks, the corner piece from Rounds© and the small quarter-circle piece from Rounds Plus© are needed. Paper patterns are included for these two shapes.

Templates for BANDED ROUNDS 6-inch blocks
C-6:  Wide band (6-inch)
D-6:  Inner band (6-inch)
E-6:  Outer band (6-inch)
F-6:  :Larger Pie-shaped (6-inch) (convex curve)

Paper Patterns Included For:

B-6:  Corner (6-inch) (concave curve)
A-3:  Pie-shaped (3-inch) (convex curve)

Templates for BANDED ROUNDS 6-inch blocks and
Two Paper Patterns Included 

Order set:
  RTS ($14)