C.I.D.E.R. Lecture/Trunk Show

A tastefully refreshing look at creativity

Nancy has retired from lecturing and teaching. However, she will occasionally accept an engagement under special circumstances. E-mail: nancymactemplates@gmail.com

The photos on this page are the courtesy of the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association.
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Lecture Description

This trunk show and/or slides lecture explores sources of creativity which open Nancy's creative doors and start her creative juices a’flowing. This is a relaxed, humorous presentation that molds to each audience, making it a different presentation every time.

Well-behaved audiences with clean hands have the opportunity to handle the quilts after the program.
Nancy brings as many quilts as possible to her lectures. Because of traveling restrictions, Nancy uses more slides and fewer quilts for long-distance trips but the touching is still there. In any case, audience sensory overload is the aim!

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E-mail: nancymactemplates@gmail.com

My Teaching Approach

While honoring our quilting traditions of accuracy and quality, I will bend the rules if I find an effective solution that may not be the accepted or "correct" one. Students in my classes have the freedom to place FINISHED before PERFECTION. The perfect quilt, in my experience, has been the completed and being-used quilt. Students are exposed to simple curved-seam patterns that have not been widely taught. While developing contemporary designs from these patterns, students are freed from old definitions of "difficulty" by my unique techniques and strategies for machine piecing and quilting. Students cut loose with color and pattern while piecing curves and "gardens," and traditional stars. The classes are very noisy because we have such a GOOD TIME! My greatest pleasure is when my students gain the confidence to push ahead with their own creative ideas, often coming up with things that teach the teacher.